"Put Your Lips Like This" 

New Music "Put Your Lips Like This

When my song "No Chill" came out in 2018, I submitted to many playlists and one curator contacted me about creating some future songs. Turned out he was with Spirit Soul…


Dree Mon-ing into the Peppermint Club 

Dree Mon-ing into the Peppermint Club 

It's true, Dream Venues don't come along all that often.  While I love ALL the spots that I play and am ETERNALLY grateful, I think my last dream spot was Hotel Cafe in March…


New Song "K.O." Available Today on all Platforms! 

New Song K.O. dropped TODAY! 04/19/19

How did this happen you ask? Well, back in the day, I got together with friends and fellow producers (oh yeah ask me about my budding producer-ism career if curious), Chase Rosner (Hotwork) and…


January 2019!!!

January in a Nutshell! 

Hello Dreemers! Happiest and most belated new year to you!  I may be a little late on that one, but you know how us artists are right? We go to the beat of our own…

Dance Like I Want To (Official Iwil Remix)

This day is mega exciting for me, because I dropped my first official remix! I've always felt a little uncertain about remixes, as it's not always easy to rival an original. Like a movie sequel or an imitation - it…


Dree Mon's "Dance Like I Want To" Song and Video out Now!

On the heels of finding out that Dree Mon single "Rebel Soul" and video are being considered for the 61st Grammy Awards, Dree Releases 3rd single October 19th to complete her funky, disco/soul trifecta of feel good, throwback pop. Coming

Thank God For Gigs!

Playing Tonight at the Canoga Park Artwalk from 6pm to 10pm! 

Hey Dreemers! I'm playing the fantastic Canoga Park Artwalk brought to you by 11:11 and Third Thursday's. This is tonight ya'll! It's gonna be a hodgepodge of random…

Dree Mon Second Single Release Date Announced!

There's been some fun activity going on here with Dree Mon, I did an awesome band show at The Love Song Bar on Tuesday, Feb 20th to a packed house in DTLA and after attended the prestigious Durango Songwriter Conference…


Rebel Soul!

Today is a big day here at the Dree Mon headquarters. After about a year from meeting my producer Cameron Tyler to conceptualizing "Rebel Soul" it is now available to listen to and bump super loud in your cars! Over…


Dree Mon Wins Temecula Valley Music Award!

It was an awesome Saturday and Dree Mon drove to the beautiful wine country of Temecula to find that she had won an award for Best Out of Town in the POP category.  A first win for Dree Mon, this…