January 2019!!!

January in a Nutshell! 

Hello Dreemers! Happiest and most belated new year to you!  I may be a little late on that one, but you know how us artists are right? We go to the beat of our own drum, and we ebb and flow with different areas of our lives, relationships, goals, and things we share creatively. Maybe you can relate? It's tough to stay on schedule when you do a million things - sometimes one goal is furthered and another takes a back burner.  That's been my life this month - and even still I have managed to accomplished a few amazing things:   

-Finished and self-funded the production of my next and most favorite Dree Mon single and have gotten the mix engineer on deck. 
-Completed another song with project Ohjai/Solay that was just signed by Color The Horizon Sync Agency! 
-Completed a song with writer/artist Zachary Kibbee and signed that song with Think! Music who I met last year at a music convention.  
-Taught my first GROOV3 class, a dance fitness hip hop class for all levels. And it was a freaking PARTY!   
-Completed the first of two parts of Sculpt Yoga training at my favorite hot yoga studio Hot 8 Yoga. Yay, so I can make more money for music and make people feel good.  
- Learned some much needed piano fundamentals, including some theory and basics that I never learned before! 
- Started my music production journey - which will hopefully make me a much more valuable musician and music creator - I am always learning! 

On top of that, I'm very excited as I have three new songs in the pipeline that really reflect where I am going next, musically and personally.  

Why do I say all this?  Cuz even when we are MIA we are doing things - and believe me, I'd love to be performing every day, growing my fan base, promoting my music, writing all the time, creating fundraisers to help me out etc, but I also need to enjoy my life, and that's my theme for today- accomplish your goals and make sure that you are still living in the meantime.  Creating the memories that will fuel your passions, song ideas, or get you juiced up and keep you grateful for all that you have and all you are able to do.  
Show Tomorrow!  

With all that's been going on, I almost forgot that I have a birthday coming up! (Did I really forget tho?) Sooo I'm combining my gig tomorrow at The Slip with a little informal bday celebration and I hope you can make it! And musicians can come and jam with me! I think the best present I could ask for would just be to have your support at my gigs and know that you keep bumping and streaming Dree Mon music as much as you can!  

Show Deets:  
The Slip Bar And Eatery - 120 N. International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, 90277 
When: Friday February 1st  
Set time - 9pm- Midnight  
Cover - None  
Food and Drink Available! 

Thank You For Being Amazeballs and see you soon! 

Dree Mon

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