No Chill Music Video Out Now! Credits Listed!

04/06/18 Happy to announce that my latest Music Video for new song "No Chill" is out! 

When Director Kristine May had the idea of doing a one-take, I was honestly scared.  I didn't really know what that would look like as someone who loves costume changes and relies on funny reactions due to clever edits.  I took a chance to make something perfect and got something perfectly imperfect, just like life, just like me.  With the help of choreographer Jaye Fleurant, we created a super fun piece that speaks to the on-going busy lives that we all have on our quest to achieve our dreams, sometimes forgetting that we need a little zen in between.  If you have ever freaked out or lost your shit over something seemingly small, you might be able to relate to this song and video! So chill the F out already! 

No Chill - Dree Mon - Available Now: 

**A Big Thank You to An Amazing Village of awesome people making this happen!  
*Directed by Kristine K. May 
*Cinematography by Aleks Milosevic 
*Choreography: Jaye Fleurant   
*Produced by: Dree Paterson, Jay Simmons, and Jaye Fleurant 
*Filmed at True Vision Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA 
*Dancers: Jaye Fleurant, Justyce Kaelin, Kimo Keoke, Madeline Hamill, Markella Tina, Morris Beyda, Nick Lemmer, Imani Estese, Caitlin Lovette, Caitlyn Joyce Holzer, Marissa Guzman, Britne Lopez, Evelyn Marroquin, and Janelle Cruz 
*Styling and Wardrobe: Janelle Cruz, Media Playground PR,  and Zoe's Vintique 
*Hair and Makeup: Nisha McElroy ( 
*Special Thanks to Kimo Keoke, Vi Nguyen, Anthony Dell and Jay Simmons 

*Download or stream "No Chill": 

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