Pre-Order "Rebel Soul" First Single by Dree Mon

Everyone mark your calendars, the release date for my first Dree Mon single "Rebel Soul" has been announced - November 16, 2017! 


You can now pre-order the song on Itunes and help get my project Dree Mon to the top of the charts.  The number of pre-orders needed is unknown but, as an unsigned, indie artist the friends, fans and community that surround constantly have the power to lift us artists up to new heights.  We are grassroots, we are indie, we are fan supported. Labels can take a seat.  Fitting the mold can sit down. Art is about what is uniquely you. The power is all ours and I thank you for your belief. The best version of me is yet to come.  And I can't wait till you hear this new song!

Go and pick up a copy of "Rebel Soul" on Pre-order today.  Pre-Order Rebel Soul Here

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