Rebel Soul!

Today is a big day here at the Dree Mon headquarters. After about a year from meeting my producer Cameron Tyler to conceptualizing "Rebel Soul" it is now available to listen to and bump super loud in your cars! Over the last year we went back and forth over the smallest of musical details, shot a  righteous video, started a new project with branding and socials from scratch and tried to figure out how to release a song so that people actually hear it. Today, the stress is aside, it all comes down to this moment when I can sigh in relief and kick up my feet (for a minute) and celebrate that THE debut song from my new project is out TODAY! Halleleuur!

There were many people that helped this thing go down the road and that included the players John Notto (guitars) and Rix Melody (Keys), the mix engineer Brian Moore, and the mastering engineer Reuben Cohen from Lurssen Mastering who all slayed it. Cameron Tyler (producer/co-writer) for creating the muse of a track that started it all, and putting everything together from the players to helping craft this new sound so meticulously. I have to thank my fellow songwriters who have given me feedback along the way, Warren Sellers especially was a sounding board for me during the initial phases and many Durango Songwriter Expo friends gave me needed nods at a time when a song can easily sink into the abyss lost amongst all the many songs that never make it to the studio, let alone the public ears. There is so much more to come and still a lot of work to be done but for right now, I'm gonna enjoy this moment to the fullest! Please head to Itunes and grab a copy of this song and add it to your Spotify/Apple playlists as it becomes available everywhere over the next week.  


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