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"Put Your Lips Like This"  

New Music "Put Your Lips Like This

When my song "No Chill" came out in 2018, I submitted to many playlists and one curator contacted me about creating some future songs. Turned out he was with Spirit Soul Records of Sweden and we ended up creating "Put Your Lips Like This" which included his artists Sylow and Jako Diaz and my good friend producer and co-writer Shani Rose. I didn't have a good spot to record vocals and Shani was just finishing up a music production program at Cre8 Music academy where I…

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New Song "K.O." Available Today on all Platforms!  

New Song K.O. dropped TODAY! 04/19/19

How did this happen you ask? Well, back in the day, I got together with friends and fellow producers (oh yeah ask me about my budding producer-ism career if curious), Chase Rosner (Hotwork) and Evan Blum and heard a track that Hotwork and producer Jeff Herrera had going on and I knew I had to write to it. I came back with the concept/meat & potatoes and we fleshed it out together.  Before deciding to release the song, we put it in the hands of a couple of great sync…

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Dance Like I Want To (Official Iwil Remix) 

This day is mega exciting for me, because I dropped my first official remix! I've always felt a little uncertain about remixes, as it's not always easy to rival an original. Like a movie sequel or an imitation - it can fall flat. Luckily, Iwil collaborated with me on this and truly surpassed what I thought was possible, and really easily, might I add! He totally brought me even more into the nudisco world amongst artists I love like Breakbot and Disclosure and did what a remix should really do, open you up…

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Dree Mon's "Dance Like I Want To" Song and Video out Now! 

On the heels of finding out that Dree Mon single "Rebel Soul" and video are being considered for the 61st Grammy Awards, Dree Releases 3rd single October 19th to complete her funky, disco/soul trifecta of feel good, throwback pop. Coming from a Dance background, Dree was hit by a car during the throws of her high school dancing career and at that point doubted she would ever dance again.  Eventually working hard and training her ass off, she got back to dancing and flourished once she was healed up, backing

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