Dree Mon's "Dance Like I Want To" Song and Video out Now!

On the heels of finding out that Dree Mon single "Rebel Soul" and video are being considered for the 61st Grammy Awards, Dree Releases 3rd single October 19th to complete her funky, disco/soul trifecta of feel good, throwback pop. Coming from a Dance background, Dree was hit by a car during the throws of her high school dancing career and at that point doubted she would ever dance again.  Eventually working hard and training her ass off, she got back to dancing and flourished once she was healed up, backing up some big names in music and inspired to work on her own songwriting. This latest pop gem, "Dance Like I Want To" is all about doing what you love your way.  This is a constant theme in Dree's music, individuality, being you, no matter what adversities you may face and dropping the facade of being "cool" as she will tell you, she never felt cool, until she did the things that she loved. 


Out now on all platforms, "Dance Like I Want To: was Written by Dree Paterson (Mon), Duddy Brown and Josh Collopy (producer), they wanted to infuse Dree's funky style with something ultra modern. She then worked extensively with Producer & Mix/Master Engineer AJ Arroyo to craft the perfect sound. She was jokingly dubbed the "mix police" for her attention to sonic detail during this process. In celebration, a video directed by Kristine May (Rebel Soul, No Chill), with homage-paying visuals a la the Bee Gees, Saturday Night Fever and West Side Story was created with the help of renowned choreographer Saleemah Knight (Lion King, Chris Brown, Beyonce, etc) and Dree Mon's own past professional dance chops. 

Check out the song and Video Here!

Stay Tuned for the The IWIL remix coming November 2nd.

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