New Song "K.O." Available Today on all Platforms! 

New Song K.O. dropped TODAY! 04/19/19

How did this happen you ask? Well, back in the day, I got together with friends and fellow producers (oh yeah ask me about my budding producer-ism career if curious), Chase Rosner (Hotwork) and Evan Blum and heard a track that Hotwork and producer Jeff Herrera had going on and I knew I had to write to it. I came back with the concept/meat & potatoes and we fleshed it out together.  Before deciding to release the song, we put it in the hands of a couple of great sync licensing agencies and went on about our busy lives.  Much to my delight, Hotwork wanted to push it and get it out to your ears and I couldn't have agreed more. Love when things work out like that, it's a rarity.  

This is a sexy little electronic-influenced arrangement called "K.O." (originally "Knock Me Out"). With a groovy drop for a chorus, it is unlike my usual funk-fare. It's a jam for when you're driving late at night, maybe to meet up with someone special, or for when you just wanna zone out for a bit. Let me know what you think!  

Listen Here!!!!


Can't wait to hear what you think!



Dree Mon

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