"Put Your Lips Like This" 

New Music "Put Your Lips Like This

When my song "No Chill" came out in 2018, I submitted to many playlists and one curator contacted me about creating some future songs. Turned out he was with Spirit Soul Records of Sweden and we ended up creating "Put Your Lips Like This" which included his artists Sylow and Jako Diaz and my good friend producer and co-writer Shani Rose. I didn't have a good spot to record vocals and Shani was just finishing up a music production program at Cre8 Music academy where I recently graduated as well.  We got to use their space and facilities to record! When you don't have means, you have to be resourceful and I'm always amazed at the things I can pull together out of nowhere. It was just by chance that I submitted my music and it was that chance that spawned three new tracks "Put Your Lips Like This" radio edit, extended mix and remix by Alex Hook.  Check them out here on your favorite platform: 

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